Welcome All To The Real Game, As We Continue Humanity’s Campaign For Freedom



This is chess not checkers:  Don’t fall for the pawns and get took by the rooks; keep your eye on the king while avoiding the traps set for you.

Real talk with the truly courageous:  real guerilla combat here is not battling cops, who may be peace officers or “pigs.”

That only feeds the beast and brings us backwards as a society, and is wrong morally and strategically.  Non-violence is the answer and true guerilla warfare here is informational, and waged with truth as our weapon and honor, loyalty and togetherness as our armor.  Victory lies in drawing overtook members of our own people from inside the Corporate Communists’ support structure — by shedding light on the deceptions of the New World Order’s oligarchs and technocrats – and drawing them back into the fold of human being.

Puppets-in-Chief exposed

A New World Order Defined

Then The Administration gets weaker as we get stronger.

Whether Greek or Italian, Mexican or Native American, European or African, American or Chinese, we are all in the same boat, and all are one blood in humanity.  Stop the war.  Rebuke and denounce the murder, lies and highway robbery that are used by The Administration to divide and conquer our people.

–Truth Inc.

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