The Terror-fying War Against Freedom of Speech

“Nothing will end war unless the people themselves refuse to go to war.”  –Einstein

A Truth Inc. Joint
By Michael Provost & Michael Marchione

After Reuters and the Associated Press were purchased by the Rothschilds;
After we capitulated to the banksters’ surreptitious hijacking of our money-coining processes in 1913;
After they poured fuel on and sparked the tinderbox that was continental Europe in the early 20th century, and armed both sides of that first ‘Great War’ that killed 15 million people;
After they lent their illicit spies, misinformers and market manipulators to the task of creating the Great Depression — during which the American people, still hearty and self-sufficient in their pioneer nature — with the heritage of pilgrims, slaves and immigrants alike who had fought for freedom — perished by the tens of thousands from starvation;
After this “financial element in the larger centers that has owned the federal government since the days of Andrew Jackson,” as FDR put it, bankrupted our country;
After our co-opted government promised the economic freedom and future of each of our citizens to the banksters as collateral;
After the Brown Brothers-Harriman banking empire (administrated by Prescott Bush, George H.W.’s father) funded the Hitler project;
After Hitler burned his own Reichstag, the German parliament building, and used the event to declare martial law, implement his ‘Enabling Act’ and establish Homeland Security — taking full totalitarian control of Germany and turning the country into the hallmark for murderous authoritarianism[s1];
After the banksters armed and profited from both sides of that second bloody world war — when globalist Zbigniew Brzezinski says Hitler killed 17,000,000 people total[s2] — World War II, the last time the United States actually declared war;
After their former poster boy and Nazi frontman Adolf Hitler went away, among the most famous eugenicists and notorious mass murderers of the 1900s, or all time;
After the F.B.I. seized (at least some of) the tons of Nazi gold held in Anglo-American establishment banks, but left the Rockefellers, Harrimans, Bushes and other ‘Merchants of Death’ to continue to do what they wilt;
After the banksters founded the United Nations, their second attempt at a first concrete step toward world government, after their ‘League of Nations’ failed post-WWI;
After former war hero and President Dwight Eisenhower warned in his farewell address of the danger that the military-industrial-complex posed to the American people;
After the Korean ‘conflict,’ that killed millions;
After the bankster-founded CIA began covert assassinations and conducting coup d’états in sovereign countries with democratically elected leaders;
After the Cuban missile crisis, when John F. Kennedy was president, and people were actually pointing real nuclear missiles at us right off the coast of Florida;

“The United States, as the world knows, will never start a war.  We do not want a war.  We want to build a world of peace where the weak are safe and the strong are just.  We labor on, not toward a strategy of annihilation, but toward a strategy of peace.”
–JFK, during Cuban Missile Crisis

After the assassination of that changing visionary, and the coup d’état in our country in 1963 by the intelligencia and red-handed black-ops of the fraudsters, financiers and plutocrats;
After the fake ‘Gulf of Tonkin incident,’ and the globalist drug-running operation that was Vietnam;
After the CIA created al-Qaeda and their former agent-provocateur du jour Osama bin Laden;

After the creation and stockpiling of weapons of mutually assured destruction;
After the first World Trade Center bombing, captained by Emad Salem, who had direct ties to the FBI and who exposed the event as a false-flag terror attack[s3] (before he ‘disappeared’ into the witness protection program[s4]) orchestrated by the military-industrial-complex to garner funding for their police state project, still then in its earlier stages, at the cost of American lives and taxpayer money;
After the unwarranted slaughter[s5] of innocent children, women and men at Waco;
After the Oklahoma City bombing, which is generally considered the event that propelled Bill Clinton into a second presidency; before the attack, he had been considered a one-term failure, but OKC allowed him to play the part of a Hitler-esque hero, and the opportunity to push ‘antiterrorism’ legislation into law, which in reality only eviscerated ordinary Americans’ civil rights; there has been significant evidence exposing the bombing and the subsequent cover-up as an insider-crafted event executed to further the tax-funding and citizens’ acceptance of the police state; the ‘authorities’ covered up literal mountains of evidence, quickly hauling the rubble away to a highly-guarded dump spot and burying it, so no public forensic investigation could take place[s6];
After the elitist Project for a New American Century called for Western-backed neo-imperial conflict in Iraq, Iran, Syria, North Korea and Libya (see their Rebuilding America’s Defenses: Strategy, Forces and Resources for a New Century[s7] from 1997);
After Timothy McVeigh’s execution, when the public breathed a sigh of relief, despite the eyewitness accounts at OKC, and FBI descriptions of additional suspects, and the FBI confiscating all available security footage from surrounding banks and businesses;
After September 11th, 2001 and our wounded heart;
After the lies that led us into what could be a 100 year occupation of Iraq, according to warmongering Senator John McCain[s8];

As we are made fearful of Islam, when any terrorist made known to the general public almost always has DIRECT connections to Western intelligence;
As the same circles that have always profited from dividing humanity against itself and from creating civil and world warfare make mountains of money on the Terror War, from the neo-imperial occupation of the Middle East, Africa, and South America and the selling off of formerly sovereign nations’ and peoples’ natural resources;
As the ‘mainstream,’ corporate-whore media admits that it self-censors[s9];

“Self-censorship.. starts with a feeling of patriotism within oneself…  And one finds oneself saying, ‘I know the right question, but you know what? This is not exactly the right time to ask it.’”
–Dan Rather, CBS Newsman, in BBC Newsnight interview, 2002

As it is revealed by the Department of Defense that they conduct ‘psychological operations,’ or propaganda, illegally against the American people[s10];
As we are told by our social minders to condone the killing of innocents;
As we have our First Amendment stripped away from us at peaceful public protests by our brothers who have taken an oath to serve and protect us;
As we have our clothes stripped off of us and our genitals groped, when we try to peacefully protest or freely travel around our own country;
As we have our persons, papers, emails, and homes searched extra-judicially, outside of due process of law;
As The Administration openly states that they will attack our right to defend ourselves by sabotaging our right to bear arms “under the radar”[s11];
As we are asked to kneel at the altar of the genocide being committed in our name, and with our blood and treasure;
As we are asked to worship tyranny because it has wrapped itself in an American flag;
The flag-draped caskets of our dead continue to arrive home as the war drums beat on;
As the number of murdered Iraqi civilians climbs through six and some say seven figures (mountains of dead children, women and men);
As the establishment continues to fund and arm our so-called ‘enemies’;

As the bankster-funded Administrators conduct unconstitutional war in a criminal manner, condoning and committing torture, assassination and starvation-causing sanctions, without Congress ever declaring war;
As the same banks that foreclose on millions of American homes and businesses finance the ultra-violent narco-terrorist cartels in Mexico[s12], which have murdered 40,000 Mexicans over the past three years — our Mexican brethren who are disarmed and have no gun rights — in the New World Order‘s ‘Drug War’;
As those same banks, whose boards of directors make up the privately-run Federal Reserve, currently command our country’s Treasury Department;
As our people suffer the economic and spiritual consequences of letting these infiltrators run amok in our Federal government;
As the Dollar implodes, and as the digital debt made-up by the mega banks skyrockets;
As they say ‘we the people’ owe it;

As the ATF arms the drug gangs in Mexico and U.S. backs kingpins that buy CIA torture jets to fly cocaine into our country[s14];
As the new Homeland Security bureaucracy hires illegal immigrants[s15] to build a holey fence along our Southern border, while it destroys the codification of our God-given rights here at home;

As the ‘Fed’ counterfeits our money[s16];
As the undeclared wars expand;
As our peace officers and beat cops give way to militarized SWAT forces and K-9 patrols in tinted, unmarked vehicles with dogs that never stop barking;
As the establishment tries to censor and tax the internet, the last bastion of information symmetry available to the general public;
As one promise made to us after another is broken while the perpetrators line their pockets with our lifeblood and wealth;
As the financial oligarchs and their globalized bureaucracy poison our water[s17], food[s18], schools[s19] and medicine[s20];

Evidently, the establishment’s idea of ‘social synthesis’ is to create death and then lock the American people down in a censored police state when we cry out for the culprits to protect us from their own actions, or the ‘blowback’ from their adventures in colonialism.  It is evident[s21] that 9/11 was either allowed to happen, or completely engineered by factions within the Anglo-American intelligencia and military-industrial-complex.  This event was especially deadly as far as attacks on American soil go, but the treachery involved is unfortunately the rule, not the exception.  But it has also awakened many of our people to the true machinations of what was once OUR government.

The corporate fascists have implied that they require humanity’s compliance with and acceptance of their methods, in order for them to achieve their ends.  That being said, the consent tends to be an explicit (however misguided) response by us to one of the problems that they have implicitly created; and we always find them waiting with their pre-prepared solution.  This is the essence of The Art of War, and has been known by social controllers for millennia.

So essentially, truth is our most powerful weapon and information symmetry is the ideal target.  May we fight for truth and our own freedoms, that the lives we have lost were not in vain

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”  –First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

Someone said that it is better to debate a matter without settling it than to settle a matter without it being debating.  We must not suppress debate, lest we run a dagger through our own heart; neither should we look to turn debate into an argument.  Otherwise we drown in the tsunami of lies and ignorance that has flooded our culture, or just as devastating, fuel the fires of division that are given to us like a nice little serving of rat poison by the anti-human war-profiteers, adding to the public discourse the repugnancies of anger, hate and fear.

Our natural right to speak freely is under siege.

Dan Rather and other equally noteworthy and guilty names in news have admitted they censor themselves and deliver an unrealistic perspective on the undeclared wars.  Peaceful ‘Occupy’ protestors have been arrested and kicked off of public land, in violation of our First Amendment.  Ignorant yuppies at bars go on for twenty minutes about how Puerto Ricans and ‘white trash’ take advantage of tax-payer money in this welfare state, but the yuppies couldn’t run faster from the conversation when you bring up how JP Morgan runs the welfare and food stamp programs and takes $33 for any $1 that ever reaches any of our people[s22].  The establishment is labeling any criticism of Obama, or the shadows behind his throne, as ‘racism.’  The ‘mainstream’ media is owned in large part by the State (one of the generally accepted tenets of fascism that have now been institutionalized in Amerika).

To battle these corrupt ideologies, we simply must communicate with one another, and big up our families and communities.  We must stand for non-violent solutions, as fighting fire with fire is neither right nor strategically sound here.  We must practice non-compliance and step outside of the corporate communists circle of control.  We must steadfastly defend and stand up for our rights to privacy, freedom of speech, freedom to protest, freedom of religion, and so forth.  And we must also realize that we have a right to know what is being done in our name, and why.

You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.

[s22]The Obama Deception (see 33:30)


The Dark Night

A Truth Inc. Joint

Like a dark night,
I find myself filled with fright,
Mightily shaken by the unknown.
A grown man,
Though infantile in my demeanor,
But those many years my senior can’t seem to shine a light either.
Out of sight, a lone voice lends credence to the obscene;
And from the depths, rises by our own condoning–
A thinly veiled promise of protection,
Without enough respect given he stays partially hidden.
All the while, preoccupied with control,
He pulls lethal levers playing a satanic tone,
Increasing his knowledge of death,
Cultivating his position.
But this growth is likened to cancer:
Lost control and malignant; the facts are withheld.
He waits patiently, and demands of his minions a deadly deliberation,
Cause and effect, the laws of nature.
He seeks the subtlest way to besiege, a manipulative dance,
To give the people a reason to ask him for his protection.
He incites riots and strife by applying a deadly disease.
But this discreet release wasn’t perceived by the people,
And lo and behold, they clamor for his vaccine.
He invented the lock, and now he sells us the key.
The strong grieve while the weak kneel at his feet.
NOW he steps forth;
And as his being is consumed of terror-fying control,
The insatiable, fanged wolf in sheep’s clothes collects the herd into his fold…

The Return on Romney: Chutzpah & Hypocrisy

(An Addendum to Steven R. Maher’s Mitt Romney’s tax returns: an InCity Times investigative report[s1])

“Romney’s tax returns, released Thursday January 24, 2012, show heavy reliance on the Wall Street firm of Goldman Sachs, which received $10 billion in federal TARP money and hundreds of billions of dollars in federal loans.”  –Maher

A Truth Inc. Joint
By Michael Provost and Michael Marchione

‘Heavy reliance’ may not fully convey the treachery of the relationship between international mega banks and American ‘politicians,’ but it is suffice to say for now that ‘Mittens’ Romney is propped up by the same names that bankroll Obama[s2].  As for the loans that these crooks got — which as per the usual were collateralized with the current and future debt slavery of our people — they were zero-interest loans, or less[s3]!  Meaning banks like Goldman Sachs made money on bailout loans[s4] through the loopholes and policy changes they lobby for and pimp out to the public as “change,” repugnant to our society, our Constitution, the Moral law, and our formerly free market.  The Big 6 ‘Fed’ banks have taken over the Federal government — so it only makes sense that they didn’t have to pay back as much as they ‘borrowed’ from the people.  Then to ice the cake, they lend it back to Americans at high interest.  All the while, these banksters robo-sign and manipulate mortgages and foreclose on our homes and small businesses; first they inflate and devalue our dollar[s5], then at the push of a button the music stops.

“The real truth of the matter is, as you and I know, that a financial element in the larger centers has owned the Government ever since the days of Andrew Jackson.”  –President Franklin D. Roosevelt

Romney represents the next mask these types are going to throw on to conceal themselves — as they demolish economies and sovereign countries around the world with their version of ‘globalism’[s6]: not a world of free peace and voluntary cooperation, but a world of centralized, fascist control[s7]; and the endless interdependency of markets where consumers are free to buy the poisons and foreign slave goods that we have become preoccupied with; ‘free’ to distract ourselves as we dig deep the bloody hole of perpetual debt[s8].  So Mittens is “a man who would be an American President, but often put his money to work in foreign companies that directly compete with American manufacturers.”

“While campaigning for the country to free itself from the dependency of foreign oil, Romney was buying stock in foreign manufacturers of alternative energy sources.”  –Maher

Understand that it is the goal of the so-called ‘elite[s9],’ as stated constantly in the papers and circulars they publish and by their members who speak out, to make us capitulate to the bankster’s system of economic occupation and usury; and to de-develop the United States and never let another country rise up like the U.S. again, as expounded by billionaire financier and ‘philanthropist’ Maurice Strong[s10], United Nations Environmental Program chief.  The same elite who are fashioning Mitt Romney as their next American frontman — to deindustrialize the United States.

“The main purpose of the Council on Foreign Relations is promoting the disarmament of U.S. sovereignty and national independence and submergence into an all powerful, one world government.[s11]”
— Rear Admiral Chester Ward, U.S. Navy (Retired), Council on Foreign Relations member

You see the new New World Order, as fashioned by the elite and sold to the public by George H.W. Bush and them[s12], and as opposed to old Hitler’s New World Order plan[s13], is subtle, slow-creeping and uses economic enslavement as the primary means of ensnaring humanity in the web of genocidal submission.

Case in point: it was top establishment capo Henry Kissinger who issued the Kissinger Memorandum 200 in 1974[s14], an ambassadorial directive issued from his pulpit at the U.N. and with the full backing of the Nixon and Ford administrations, that suggested implementing “food as a weapon[s15]” as a means of depopulating certain peoples.  The United Nations and other bankster organizations force sovereign countries to capitulate to forced sterilization, abortion, and other ‘family planning’ measures — family planning is another term the Nazis used for their pseudoscientific, eugenically-rationalized ethnic ‘cleansing,’ which was based on programs initially developed and used on people in the United States[s16].  Target countries that don’t immediately submit to the depopulation measures and cultural genocide forced on them by this ‘elite’ face sanctions on food aid to starving populations, typically in areas of the globe previously or concurrently devastated or occupied by the Western banksters’ neo-imperial forces.  Like Africa, southeast Asia, and South America.  Other means of depopulation in the edicts of these social controllers include the use of vaccination programs[s17]: the ostensible reason given being to cure sickness; in reality, many of the ‘vaccines’ given to us by this establishment have been covertly used to sterilize people involuntarily, in America and around the world.  We have seen repeated abuses by our medical establishments[s18] through the years, including declassified cases of chemical and biological experimentations on unknowing humans worldwide[s19].

These puppet-masters, through financing and political manipulation, tend to get their suggestions implemented, and on large scales.

“We must join with others to bring forth a new world order… Narrow notions of national sovereignty must not be permitted to curtail the obligation.”  —Declaration of Interdependence, Ceremonially signed by the U.S. Congress on January 30, 1976[s20]

Thus, the repertoire, methodology and very words of Romney’s ‘employers’ and facilitators are geared toward the destruction of America and sovereign peoples around the world.  Now back to the man at hand.

Romney’s total listed income on his tax return was over $20 million; quite the noteworthy achievement in this economy, when the average American worker makes $39,000 per year.  An admirable achievement for anybody, politician or otherwise, if earned in an honorable manner and with the public interest at heart.  But despite the unfortunate smell, it is necessary for our public good to avail ourselves of the true nature of Romney’s relationships, including those trysts with the financial oligarchs who openly write about imploding our country and a coming age of neo-feudalism[s21].

“Romney filed two self-employment Schedule Cs,” writes Maher; “The second was for ‘author/speaking fees,’” totaling $528,871 gross income.  “According to published press reports, $370,000 of this was for speaking fees, an amount Romney described as ‘inconsequential.’”

$370,000 probably is inconsequential to Mitt Romney, when put up against the billion dollar campaign funding touted by his and Obama’s benefactors[s22].  But the amount is near the equivalent of what ten average American workers earn per year in this Babylon system.  It might only buy one bomb from the military industrial contractors that Romney plans on throwing money toward[s23], so their drones can drop death on an Afghan village, but it would buy a lot more bread; it would feed a lot more American families with food, rather than the hate and sorrow of war.

Romney had “an effective tax rate of 13.9%.”  He got back more than half of that for his tax refund.

Maher continues: “Romney’s supporters make much of the fact that he gave $2.9 million to charity, an amount nearly equal to what he paid in taxes.”  They ignore some other things, like “the fact that much of Romney’s charity began at home… What [he] did was take money out of one pocket, put it in another pocket, take a $1.4 million deduction on his taxes, while maintaining legal control of the transferred assets.”

Much malignancy was spit out of the shame-stream media at musician and activist Wyclef Jean for a similar scenario when he ran for President of Haiti in 2010. Apparently it was not appropriate for a candidate for the Haitian presidency to allegedly engage in these types of charity-for-self actions, but it is fine for the new Amerikan establishment’s executive frontrunner, Mitt Romney, because there is not much about this covered in the ‘press.’

Foreign Investments, Neo-Imperialism & Corporate Communism

“While American car companies were dying,” and Romney was advocating the bankruptcy of the U.S. auto industry, he was investing in Toyota and Mitsubishi.  “Noticeably absent from Romney’s tax returns were investments in American automakers… This from a man who has promised to save the American auto industry,” writes Maher.  Though it is true the auto bailout was another lot of insider-crafted bullshit, and we need to change the involvement of that element with our governmental processes, and now the U.S. auto industry is run by our now-fascist government which is owned by these fiat money interests, we can be assured that almost any solution from Romney would have resulted in the same sort of sordid centralization of control and selling out of our formerly private-sector, free markets.

Detroit needs a lot of help from within, and from outside if they want it, but unfortunately any ‘help’ they receive from this Federal Reserve-run government is only going to deindustrialize them further, as per the ruling financial oligarchy’s plan to consolidate formerly public resources and infrastructure into their communist grip through market fraud, bankruptcy and force.

“Romney has said he would crack down on Chinese trading practices, which have cost so many Americans their jobs.  His 2010 tax returns show he purchased and sold stock in several Chinese companies including the New Oriental Ed & Tech, a private Chinese school system (!), and the China Life Insurance Company, formerly a state owned enterprise insuring 45% of the Red Chinese public.”  –Maher

Once again — this system and its pledges, like bankster David Rockefeller, extol the virtues of communism (or corporate fascism as Benito Mussolini put it) and seek to reap the parasitical advantages that opportunistic elite hold in authoritarian states.

“For more than a century, ideological extremists at either end of the political spectrum have seized upon well-publicized incidents to attack the Rockefeller family for the inordinate influence they claim we wield over American political and economic institutions.  Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure — one world, if you will.  If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.”  –David Rockefeller, Memoirs, p. 405, 2002

Not only does Rockefeller admit to being guilty on charges of “working against the best interests of the United States” and “conspiring” with foreigners to subvert the United States sovereignty, but he has also publicly admired and praised mass murderer Mao Zedong for hid leadership in China, despite the democide at least 45,000,000 of his own people, over just four years of his thirty-plus year rule.  The following is a quote by Rockefeller in a New York Times op-ed in 1973:

“Whatever the price of the Chinese Revolution, it has obviously succeeded, not only in producing more efficient and dedicated administration, but also in fostering a high morale and community purpose.  The social experiment in China under Chairman Mao’s leadership is one of the most important and successful in human history.”  

“Our task of creating a socialist America can only succeed when those who would resist us have been totally disarmed.”  –Sara Brady, Chairman, Handgun Control, to Sen. Howard Metzenbaum, The National Educator, January 1994, p. 3

But keep in mind that the only way that the few can control the many is if the many are made to control themselves — totalitarians always require submission in the face of their tyrannical oppression.

In keeping with this quest for State control and oligarchical command over their fiefdoms and the serfs therein, big bank operative Mitt Romney has “invested in numerous [large] foreign banks” writes Maher and “‘emerging market’ banking groups,” and invests in foreign alternative energy and oil field service providers, while talking out of the other side of his mouth about how he wants develop green energy in the U.S., and kick our dependency on foreign oil for us.  He invested in foreign pharmaceutical and medical providers, a Turkish high-tech company “and the British based Sky Broadcasting Group.”

Sky Broadcasting is a Rupert Murdoch company implicated in spying on British and American citizens[s24].

Maher chides Romney for a six-figure cash donation to the George W. Bush Presidential Library, writing how Mitt must have wanted to “celebrate the Presidency of a failure,” citing the unemployment and doubled national debt that crested during W’s presidencies as well as the “two wars [he left] to his successor to wage.”  All of those things may be true, and evidently are.  But to try to absolve Obama from complicity — like the sort of victimized liberator of the people he is portrayed as in the left-wing of the controlled media, when almost everything he has promised to do has been a lie, and he has generally done the opposite[s25], including the treasonous executive orders he signs, and when he is funded by the same banksters, and when he has expanded the undeclared wars — is stunted.  And the economy has stayed going down the toilet under new commie capo regime Barack Obama, as Dollar devaluation perpetually continues in a tsunami of debt, and the plutocrats scrape the plate.

“Most of Romney’s money was invested through Goldman Sachs… It seems that Romney likely financially benefited from the federal bailout of Goldman Sachs.”  –Maher

Well of course he invested with them, and benefited from tax-payers bailing them out; so did Obama and all the other lieutenants of the New World Order of the central banks[s26].  The relationship between the banksters and politicians is mutually beneficial: for our lawmakers do the bidding of their new bosses, leaving the American public and people around the world to be ravaged at the discretion of their voracious appetites.  Both Goldmann Sachs as well as Rockefeller banks and the others contribute the majority of campaign funding to both Barack Obama[s27] and Mitt Romney[s28].  And it was the same for George W. Bush[s29].  The families that operate the mega banks that chair the central banks of the world — banks like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan/Chase, Citigroup, Bank of America, Wells Fargo and the Bank of England — are the boss now, the power behind the throne.

“What does the tax return say about Romney? He is a man who campaigns for the Presidency denouncing Chinese perfidy [perfidy = deliberate treachery or deceit] on trade while investing in Chinese companies; talks about developing green energy at home while investing in it abroad; promises to save America’s auto industry while investing in Japan’s; and boasts about his charitable donations, while neglecting to mention that much of it was to his own charitable foundation. There’s a Jewish word for this: Chutzpah.”  –Maher

There’s another old word for somebody who portrays themselves as a representative of the people while romping around with the interests pledging to dissolve American substance; for a politician who benefits from taxpayers bailing out the mega banks who proliferate fraudulent debt and have co-opted our federal government and money-making processes; for a ‘Republican’ who chastises a ‘Democrat’ when he is the originator of several similar policies and is funded by the same financial interests; for a ‘New World Order’ that denounces the virtues of our free market and our Constitution while committing fraud, insider trading, treason and genocide[s30]; for a presidential candidate who denounces ‘deliberate treachery or deceit’ while investing in it —


“They (who) seek to establish systems of government based on the regimentation of all human beings by a handful of individual rulers… call this a new order.  It is not new and it is not order.”  –FDR

Postscript  |  Bankster intelligence chief George H.W. Bush endorsed Mitt Romney as the next U.S. President in March of 2012[s31].


The Rape of Our Blood

A Truth Inc. Joint

Sitting on the curb in the rain, wearing medals and a mental straitjacket;
the broken offspring of family no more.
Broken by injections, group think, and that old new plan.
Built back up like a festering Frankenstein, instilled with the grotesque strength and knowledge of a hundred million corpses;
used but still broken.
Kicked into the gutter with the public’s capitulation.
It starts to pour.
Broken ribs and a drowning flood make it hard to breathe.

Where have all the good Samaritans gone?
Why do we not denounce the assassinations, the bold-faced empire-building, and genocide?
In the land of the free and the brave, of mountains, prairies, and new Amerikan ghettoes.

Rolling green gives way to a flowing snake;
docile at the moment but with deadly venom present;
when the reptile surges forth the poisoning begins;
flying thru the air with fangs extended;
licking at the neck of the weak and the tired.

The terror that flows forth from the serpent like fire in the night is powerless without the fear that is injected into the hearts of men:

Poison.  Delivered like a flattop to the back of the head.

How many pieces of silver would it take for you to sell out your brother?

The Tale of Two pt. 1

Neo-imperial Web of Operation vs. Loyalty Over Victimization and Extortion

A Truth Inc. Joint
By Michael Provost & Michael Marchione

     As usual, it is the best of times and the worst of times. One only need look beyond the bars and limitations set around one’s own perception to see the potential. But though these bars be not iron, or even physical, they hold as much weight as all the prison gates and cell doors in the world, piled up on your chest. For those doing time on the New World Order prison planet, this bondage of the mind, and it’s effect on the spirit, is very real. Bonds of debt and usury, of capitulation to those who would suck dry the veins of liberty; bonds of corruption, corporate communism and propaganda, of physical hunger and the starving of our essence; bonds of neo-colonialism, imperial war and genocide. And now all but submitted to, the chains’ existence — heavy though they may be — is all but inconceivable to ‘modern’ man, for the suppression of our humanity has been long. Like the tight handcuffs on a beautiful, strong, peaceful protestor made tighter by her captors, and sitting beaten in the back of a squad car, our protections have been sliced away, and as our sympathetic bodies mold and attach to the devices of slavery, we grow numb. Or so it would seem.

     Because it becomes plain that we are different from what we are told by the owners of this system, and their wardens, guards and snitches. Are we as the American public and, more broadly, as fellows in humanity worldwide, the true progenitors of world war and earthly destruction? The tribalism of old aside, do we just independently as nation-states decide to commit bloody atrocities against each other? I think not. In light of centuries of evidence, from the Napoleonic conflicts to the current state of affairs in 2012, We’ve found one thing clear-cut: banking families like the Rothschilds[s1], the Warburgs[s2], the Rockefellers[s3], the Morgans[s4] and the Harrimans[s5], and the capos they extract from the elite universities and intelligencia they fund, like the Bushes[s6], Kissingers[s7] and Obamas[s8], have collaborated to found, fund, arm and profit from both sides of every bloody conflict for the past ten generations or more. These are not the only names, but these are a few of the serious benefactors and shot-callers in this war-profiteering system. With the neo-feudalism, slave labor and controlled population of destabilized countries or Western-backed authoritarian states, these banksters make back their money in spades: from the primary and secondary resources and armaments they sell to their propped-up dictators, and from the money they lend to their sold-out puppets, paid back with the high interest they reap at the expense of the people.[s9] And in the natural resources they pillage and in the co-opted hospitals and schools[s10] they build that proliferate covert sterilization[s11] and brew anti-American sentiment in whichever victim country has been devastated.[s12]
      The insurgents that these campaigns of occupation inherently generate lend the lords of war future reasons for further offensive, preemptive world warfare and assassinations in the night.[s13]

     But we the people ARE the perpetuators.
     Because we believe that we need to fight outsiders in order to survive. We band together when threatened, with those feeling threatened joining forces against the actual or perceived threat. This is obviously useful, but in strengths lie also the possibility of overestimation and mistrust, and therefore weakness. Through methods ranging from false-flag terror attacks, to economic destabilization and deindustrialization, to assassination, starvation and genocide, the banksters have set the table for each major conflict of the past hundred years. And each time they want American blood spilled in order to spill other blood and pillage other lands, we are shown a foggy image of a shadowy foe, foreign in nature and reportedly different in ‘values;’ or a very real, villainous demagogue as the frontman of the underlying ideology of capitulation, eugenics and depopulation, backed by the very same economic terrorists who have been beating our war drums. Thus we have now been inculcated and implicated in a system that lends our blood, name and treasure to the cause of expanding the Empire.
      The war-profiteers have achieved our complicity in this by financing and infiltrating the highest levels of our government, using their paid-for media to inject us with propaganda[s14], and hijacking our sense of patriotism, and loyalty. But even in this new era of global connectivity and poor people world-wide getting bent over by the same financial oligarchs[s15], it is still WE who snap at the bait dangled in our face after the military-industrial-complex stages or allows traumatic, tragic assaults against our people. And it’s the easy reaction we take — hard on our heart but satisfying to the left side of our brain like a hit of crack — the fastest solution, fueled by misguided emotion. It’s the essence of ‘mutually assured destruction’ because when we sign on to this, we inevitably reap the murderous rewards: in addition to the genocide done in our name we are stripped of our rights, treated like prisoners, and thrown off the roof of a swelling, debt-ridden police state.

     In the meantime, maybe you believe the numbers are with the easily-exposed tyrants, though a lot of insiders say otherwise[s16] but even so, maybe you believe that what is right is dependent on misguided, TV fed masses of followers; they do appear numerous, at least on television. Maybe those bonds suffocating the fire in the minds of men have dug deep.
      We may have fallen victim to the dark side before, falling into lockstep with the deprivable cravings that lie deep inside us — to be like the mob; to not be free and brave; to not be the outsider who is willing to ask the tough question when the public discourse has been shaped by private and conniving interests.[s17] But the war is not done. We are not dead yet. And we ARE different from what we are told by the establishment, because the power is ours to change our circumstances: the solution resides in understanding the lessons, and learning from what we have gone through.
      We’ve been coming to, like the protestor in the back of the cruiser. Realizing everything is different than we’ve been told. But in that is the release from a false paradigm, and new perspective and freedom; because we realize too that the key to change is in our own hands — like the captive regaining consciousness who realizes there is a makeshift handcuff key tucked into her curled, bloody hands. The kicker is, it was probably a good cop who slipped it in there, because we’ve become so distracted away from our basic nature that we’ve been failing at the fundamentals — like having contingencies, and being self-sufficient. Whoever the God send was who slipped you that makeshift key, you instinctually know how to use this tool, and as your fingers manipulate the device, you see a gleam of light. The door is slightly open, not even locked. All we have to do is wake up, use the tools available to us, and don’t even take the time to brush ourselves off; just slip through that door. The door’s open, the tyranny has shown itself for what it is, the moment is right. Be out. Then use what you’ve learned to help others.
     A powerful tool is simply to open up new channels of communication: our brothers and sisters inside and outside of this dark structure may not have had access to anything outside of their information-controllers’ perspectives before. And since the lower part of the New World Order power structure is composed of ordinary people with families, all it takes to cut the legs off the lies is to reach out to one of our brothers or sisters in their fascist structure, and simply make them ask some questions of themselves, and ask them if they are determined to keep their word, to keep the oath that public servants take, explicitly or implicitly, to protect and serve the people and their natural rights, as put to paper in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution.
      Will we take with us forward the good of both our past and present, or hold on to the evils of each? The choice is between a people imbued by natural rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness or a people bound by regulators, slave-owners and officers sent forth to eat out our substance; between an independent people or a people infringed upon by lawmakers beholden to rules foreign and repugnant to our Constitution, and natural, Moral law; the choice between living free and brave (not just espousing it as a motto when the eviscerating of our civil liberties is ever more clear) or living in submission, as we are strip-searched and suppressed and pillaged outside of any due process of law.

     But the battle being fought has already been won. Evil needs for good men to do nothing, and to operate by deception and cleverness. The essence of evil has lost because it has already been exposed, and the awareness is spreading.

     The reality is we are thick-skinned, and the dark can never take our soul. They can’t choke us out; though our back is laden, it is strong. And the key is ours: “The truth shall set you free.” The seeds of aliveness and truth have been planted; even the sky is no limit. But the first step to overcoming the seeds of hate, lies and terror is to overcome the tactic used by ruling oligarchies since time immemorial: Divide and Conquer.



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