The Rape of Our Blood

A Truth Inc. Joint

Sitting on the curb in the rain, wearing medals and a mental straitjacket;
the broken offspring of family no more.
Broken by injections, group think, and that old new plan.
Built back up like a festering Frankenstein, instilled with the grotesque strength and knowledge of a hundred million corpses;
used but still broken.
Kicked into the gutter with the public’s capitulation.
It starts to pour.
Broken ribs and a drowning flood make it hard to breathe.

Where have all the good Samaritans gone?
Why do we not denounce the assassinations, the bold-faced empire-building, and genocide?
In the land of the free and the brave, of mountains, prairies, and new Amerikan ghettoes.

Rolling green gives way to a flowing snake;
docile at the moment but with deadly venom present;
when the reptile surges forth the poisoning begins;
flying thru the air with fangs extended;
licking at the neck of the weak and the tired.

The terror that flows forth from the serpent like fire in the night is powerless without the fear that is injected into the hearts of men:

Poison.  Delivered like a flattop to the back of the head.

How many pieces of silver would it take for you to sell out your brother?


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