The Dark Night

A Truth Inc. Joint

Like a dark night,
I find myself filled with fright,
Mightily shaken by the unknown.
A grown man,
Though infantile in my demeanor,
But those many years my senior can’t seem to shine a light either.
Out of sight, a lone voice lends credence to the obscene;
And from the depths, rises by our own condoning–
A thinly veiled promise of protection,
Without enough respect given he stays partially hidden.
All the while, preoccupied with control,
He pulls lethal levers playing a satanic tone,
Increasing his knowledge of death,
Cultivating his position.
But this growth is likened to cancer:
Lost control and malignant; the facts are withheld.
He waits patiently, and demands of his minions a deadly deliberation,
Cause and effect, the laws of nature.
He seeks the subtlest way to besiege, a manipulative dance,
To give the people a reason to ask him for his protection.
He incites riots and strife by applying a deadly disease.
But this discreet release wasn’t perceived by the people,
And lo and behold, they clamor for his vaccine.
He invented the lock, and now he sells us the key.
The strong grieve while the weak kneel at his feet.
NOW he steps forth;
And as his being is consumed of terror-fying control,
The insatiable, fanged wolf in sheep’s clothes collects the herd into his fold…


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