Dying to Drink

A Truth Inc. Joint
By Michael Provost & Michael Marchione

2012 — This article will efficiently utilize government admissions and the reporting of brave journalists to clear the fog surrounding the poisoning of our drinking water.  The point is simple: if near 70%[s1] of municipal water supplies are indeed having an industrial byproduct pumped into them, which consists of known toxic waste and includes radioactive isotopes, and we are being told it is to protect our teeth, when the good science repeatedly shows that not only is this old claim false, but the materials in question are actually causing us harm, then we should probably get that stuff out of the water.  That will save the tax money it costs because it’s typically government funding that pays for the pumping in of this runoff from fertilizer production — sodium fluoride and a list of other substances — into our public drinking water.  This witches brew, this so-called ‘water fluoridation,’ is so toxic that it is illegal to simply throw away and highly costly to dispose of.  So instead, companies turn it into a ‘commercial’ product and sell it to our public servants to dose us under the guise of disproven health science.

Sodium Flouride, Where it comes from

Toxic waste from industrial fertilizer production[s2], which is very toxic and has a complicated, costly disposal procedure under priority dumping regulations, is sold to participating municipalities to add to their water supply in exchange for tax-payer money and our health.  We are told it is to help our teeth, but here’s the rub: it is claimed that fluoride works to protect teeth topically[s3], as in when you brush your teeth; that is why you do not swallow toothpaste (or sunscreen, when you are trying to protect your skin).  But when our elected ‘officials’ put it in our water, the CDC tells us it works to protect our teeth when we drink it[s4], and everybody is expected to drink the same dose (6-8 glasses a day) whether it is a 6’6” man or a two-year old girl.  This doesn’t make sense medically[s5]: apart from the fact that it is toxic waste, drinking a topical compound does not make sense, and clearly a one-size-fits-all dosing schedule is extremely dangerous.[s6]

In just one glass of fluoridated water, there is an equivalent of sodium fluoride to the amount in one pea-sized dob of fluoride toothpaste, but the type in our drinking water is industrial grade and has other sickening ingredients included.  If this much toothpaste is swallowed, the Crest package recommends calling poison control:

Warning: “If more than used for brushing is accidentally swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away.”  Directions: “Do not swallow.”

The thing is though, it has been repeatedly shown now that even when taken topically, sodium fluoride actually wears down your teeth, pitting enamel and causing a condition known as ‘dental fluorosis.’[s7]

The medi-pharma industrial establishment and the bought-off/naïve public servants who supply their drugs are telling the truth about one thing though: it does work on you when you drink it, just not in the way they want you to think.

Rat poison, Hitler & Stalin

Notorious Nazi firm I.G. Farben researched how they could use fluoride, and concluded it was effective as a chemical war agent and pesticide.[s8]  Stalin put sodium fluoride in the water in Communist concentration camps to keep the people docile[s9], as it is a primary ingredient[s10] in most major pharmaceutical ‘anti-depressants.’  These drugs are now in our water.[s11]  Of course, all of the major anti-depressants are repeatedly linked to higher potential for depression and suicide;[s12] it says so right on the inserts of the ‘medication’.  It may work slow and steady on humans, but it works fast on smaller things: historically, sodium fluoride has been used as rat and roach poison.[s13]

It might not work as fast as rat poison in the doses we receive, but the industrial-waste sodium fluoride that is being added to our tap water is still doing damage; one might presume that Stalin put it in the water in his camps for more reasons than to just dumb-down and chemically pacify his prisoners, when one becomes aware of the added effects of drinking this swill.

Water fluoridation is linked to bone cancer[s14], loss in intelligence[s15], increased depression, sterility[s16], calcification of the pineal gland[s17], and a host of other problems for our humanity[s18].

There is other horrible shit in the mix too, besides industrial-grade NaF[s19], including radioactive isotopes.[s20]

The bright side is everyday, individual citizens are standing up to flip this shit, going before town councils with good science and demanding the only suitable answer: stopping the water fluoridation in their community.[s21]

The Fluoride Action Network reports that the percentage of ‘fluoridated’ public water in America has dropped slightly due to good peoples’ efforts in the past number of years.  However, new communities — unknowing or neglectful — are still signing on to these water-toxifying programs, so there is still much work to do in spreading the word about this deadly drink.  If we do not stand together, we won’t be standing at all.


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