The Dark Night

A Truth Inc. Joint

Like a dark night,
I find myself filled with fright,
Mightily shaken by the unknown.
A grown man,
Though infantile in my demeanor,
But those many years my senior can’t seem to shine a light either.
Out of sight, a lone voice lends credence to the obscene;
And from the depths, rises by our own condoning–
A thinly veiled promise of protection,
Without enough respect given he stays partially hidden.
All the while, preoccupied with control,
He pulls lethal levers playing a satanic tone,
Increasing his knowledge of death,
Cultivating his position.
But this growth is likened to cancer:
Lost control and malignant; the facts are withheld.
He waits patiently, and demands of his minions a deadly deliberation,
Cause and effect, the laws of nature.
He seeks the subtlest way to besiege, a manipulative dance,
To give the people a reason to ask him for his protection.
He incites riots and strife by applying a deadly disease.
But this discreet release wasn’t perceived by the people,
And lo and behold, they clamor for his vaccine.
He invented the lock, and now he sells us the key.
The strong grieve while the weak kneel at his feet.
NOW he steps forth;
And as his being is consumed of terror-fying control,
The insatiable, fanged wolf in sheep’s clothes collects the herd into his fold…


The Rape of Our Blood

A Truth Inc. Joint

Sitting on the curb in the rain, wearing medals and a mental straitjacket;
the broken offspring of family no more.
Broken by injections, group think, and that old new plan.
Built back up like a festering Frankenstein, instilled with the grotesque strength and knowledge of a hundred million corpses;
used but still broken.
Kicked into the gutter with the public’s capitulation.
It starts to pour.
Broken ribs and a drowning flood make it hard to breathe.

Where have all the good Samaritans gone?
Why do we not denounce the assassinations, the bold-faced empire-building, and genocide?
In the land of the free and the brave, of mountains, prairies, and new Amerikan ghettoes.

Rolling green gives way to a flowing snake;
docile at the moment but with deadly venom present;
when the reptile surges forth the poisoning begins;
flying thru the air with fangs extended;
licking at the neck of the weak and the tired.

The terror that flows forth from the serpent like fire in the night is powerless without the fear that is injected into the hearts of men:

Poison.  Delivered like a flattop to the back of the head.

How many pieces of silver would it take for you to sell out your brother?

The Tale of Two pt. 1

Neo-imperial Web of Operation vs. Loyalty Over Victimization and Extortion

A Truth Inc. Joint
By Michael Provost & Michael Marchione

     As usual, it is the best of times and the worst of times. One only need look beyond the bars and limitations set around one’s own perception to see the potential. But though these bars be not iron, or even physical, they hold as much weight as all the prison gates and cell doors in the world, piled up on your chest. For those doing time on the New World Order prison planet, this bondage of the mind, and it’s effect on the spirit, is very real. Bonds of debt and usury, of capitulation to those who would suck dry the veins of liberty; bonds of corruption, corporate communism and propaganda, of physical hunger and the starving of our essence; bonds of neo-colonialism, imperial war and genocide. And now all but submitted to, the chains’ existence — heavy though they may be — is all but inconceivable to ‘modern’ man, for the suppression of our humanity has been long. Like the tight handcuffs on a beautiful, strong, peaceful protestor made tighter by her captors, and sitting beaten in the back of a squad car, our protections have been sliced away, and as our sympathetic bodies mold and attach to the devices of slavery, we grow numb. Or so it would seem.

     Because it becomes plain that we are different from what we are told by the owners of this system, and their wardens, guards and snitches. Are we as the American public and, more broadly, as fellows in humanity worldwide, the true progenitors of world war and earthly destruction? The tribalism of old aside, do we just independently as nation-states decide to commit bloody atrocities against each other? I think not. In light of centuries of evidence, from the Napoleonic conflicts to the current state of affairs in 2012, We’ve found one thing clear-cut: banking families like the Rothschilds[s1], the Warburgs[s2], the Rockefellers[s3], the Morgans[s4] and the Harrimans[s5], and the capos they extract from the elite universities and intelligencia they fund, like the Bushes[s6], Kissingers[s7] and Obamas[s8], have collaborated to found, fund, arm and profit from both sides of every bloody conflict for the past ten generations or more. These are not the only names, but these are a few of the serious benefactors and shot-callers in this war-profiteering system. With the neo-feudalism, slave labor and controlled population of destabilized countries or Western-backed authoritarian states, these banksters make back their money in spades: from the primary and secondary resources and armaments they sell to their propped-up dictators, and from the money they lend to their sold-out puppets, paid back with the high interest they reap at the expense of the people.[s9] And in the natural resources they pillage and in the co-opted hospitals and schools[s10] they build that proliferate covert sterilization[s11] and brew anti-American sentiment in whichever victim country has been devastated.[s12]
      The insurgents that these campaigns of occupation inherently generate lend the lords of war future reasons for further offensive, preemptive world warfare and assassinations in the night.[s13]

     But we the people ARE the perpetuators.
     Because we believe that we need to fight outsiders in order to survive. We band together when threatened, with those feeling threatened joining forces against the actual or perceived threat. This is obviously useful, but in strengths lie also the possibility of overestimation and mistrust, and therefore weakness. Through methods ranging from false-flag terror attacks, to economic destabilization and deindustrialization, to assassination, starvation and genocide, the banksters have set the table for each major conflict of the past hundred years. And each time they want American blood spilled in order to spill other blood and pillage other lands, we are shown a foggy image of a shadowy foe, foreign in nature and reportedly different in ‘values;’ or a very real, villainous demagogue as the frontman of the underlying ideology of capitulation, eugenics and depopulation, backed by the very same economic terrorists who have been beating our war drums. Thus we have now been inculcated and implicated in a system that lends our blood, name and treasure to the cause of expanding the Empire.
      The war-profiteers have achieved our complicity in this by financing and infiltrating the highest levels of our government, using their paid-for media to inject us with propaganda[s14], and hijacking our sense of patriotism, and loyalty. But even in this new era of global connectivity and poor people world-wide getting bent over by the same financial oligarchs[s15], it is still WE who snap at the bait dangled in our face after the military-industrial-complex stages or allows traumatic, tragic assaults against our people. And it’s the easy reaction we take — hard on our heart but satisfying to the left side of our brain like a hit of crack — the fastest solution, fueled by misguided emotion. It’s the essence of ‘mutually assured destruction’ because when we sign on to this, we inevitably reap the murderous rewards: in addition to the genocide done in our name we are stripped of our rights, treated like prisoners, and thrown off the roof of a swelling, debt-ridden police state.

     In the meantime, maybe you believe the numbers are with the easily-exposed tyrants, though a lot of insiders say otherwise[s16] but even so, maybe you believe that what is right is dependent on misguided, TV fed masses of followers; they do appear numerous, at least on television. Maybe those bonds suffocating the fire in the minds of men have dug deep.
      We may have fallen victim to the dark side before, falling into lockstep with the deprivable cravings that lie deep inside us — to be like the mob; to not be free and brave; to not be the outsider who is willing to ask the tough question when the public discourse has been shaped by private and conniving interests.[s17] But the war is not done. We are not dead yet. And we ARE different from what we are told by the establishment, because the power is ours to change our circumstances: the solution resides in understanding the lessons, and learning from what we have gone through.
      We’ve been coming to, like the protestor in the back of the cruiser. Realizing everything is different than we’ve been told. But in that is the release from a false paradigm, and new perspective and freedom; because we realize too that the key to change is in our own hands — like the captive regaining consciousness who realizes there is a makeshift handcuff key tucked into her curled, bloody hands. The kicker is, it was probably a good cop who slipped it in there, because we’ve become so distracted away from our basic nature that we’ve been failing at the fundamentals — like having contingencies, and being self-sufficient. Whoever the God send was who slipped you that makeshift key, you instinctually know how to use this tool, and as your fingers manipulate the device, you see a gleam of light. The door is slightly open, not even locked. All we have to do is wake up, use the tools available to us, and don’t even take the time to brush ourselves off; just slip through that door. The door’s open, the tyranny has shown itself for what it is, the moment is right. Be out. Then use what you’ve learned to help others.
     A powerful tool is simply to open up new channels of communication: our brothers and sisters inside and outside of this dark structure may not have had access to anything outside of their information-controllers’ perspectives before. And since the lower part of the New World Order power structure is composed of ordinary people with families, all it takes to cut the legs off the lies is to reach out to one of our brothers or sisters in their fascist structure, and simply make them ask some questions of themselves, and ask them if they are determined to keep their word, to keep the oath that public servants take, explicitly or implicitly, to protect and serve the people and their natural rights, as put to paper in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution.
      Will we take with us forward the good of both our past and present, or hold on to the evils of each? The choice is between a people imbued by natural rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness or a people bound by regulators, slave-owners and officers sent forth to eat out our substance; between an independent people or a people infringed upon by lawmakers beholden to rules foreign and repugnant to our Constitution, and natural, Moral law; the choice between living free and brave (not just espousing it as a motto when the eviscerating of our civil liberties is ever more clear) or living in submission, as we are strip-searched and suppressed and pillaged outside of any due process of law.

     But the battle being fought has already been won. Evil needs for good men to do nothing, and to operate by deception and cleverness. The essence of evil has lost because it has already been exposed, and the awareness is spreading.

     The reality is we are thick-skinned, and the dark can never take our soul. They can’t choke us out; though our back is laden, it is strong. And the key is ours: “The truth shall set you free.” The seeds of aliveness and truth have been planted; even the sky is no limit. But the first step to overcoming the seeds of hate, lies and terror is to overcome the tactic used by ruling oligarchies since time immemorial: Divide and Conquer.



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